Ståle Sandbech and the new Rome boards

"The idea was to create cool snowboards inspired by the kind of riding and design I like. The line has three boards and I wanted them all to be usable in different conditions and by people with different riding styles."

Burton One World

After an eight year silence, Burton comes back with a team video. Jake Burton wanted it so bad and asked Zack Nigro to "make it short and make it loud”.

Fjörd Lines with Rúnar Petur and Vìdir Björnsson

Fjörd Lines is a passion project between me and the filmmaker and surfer Vìdir Björnsson.

Luca Pandolfi: “A life well lived” with Jeremy Jones

"Luca brought so much joy, energy and laughter to the world in his 47 years. So many friends, so many lines - he lived one of the most vibrant lives I have ever witnessed, and touched hearts and howled at the moon a thousand times over."

Interview with Peter Bauer: the founder of Amplid

At a certain point, that same idea of snowboarding is no longer enough, it is not enough to put it into practice on snowy slopes, it has to take a different form, a shape, becoming a concept that can only be expressed through the birth of a snowboard brand. We have interviewed some of the strongest pros of the last few years who have had the courag

Splitboard mission on the Apuan Alps: where to go?

In a year when traveling is complicated to say the least, the lifts are closed and often you can't even leave your town, we managed to make a dream come true: splitboarding on Monte Sagro, the mountain above Carrara, in Tuscany.

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