Breana Geering creates a new collection with Vans

Breana Geering creates a new collection with Vans

A clothing collection full of style that pays homage to the Skate Old Skool and Skate Era!

Vans, the iconic action sports brand and icon of creative expression, has teamed up with Breana Geering, one of the most talented skaters on the current Canadian scene, to create an exclusive total look collection featuring the Skate Old Skool.

Originally from British Columbia, Breana has emerged in the skate world thanks to her calm and collected style, her tricks on ledges and her flip in and flip out manuals. Recently, Vans Skateboarding had a chat with Breana and those closest to her, discussing her arrival in the Vancouver skate scene and her personal growth. Building on the accolades she’s received over the past few years, for this season Vans and Breana have collaborated to create an innovative line of shoes and apparel based on color combinations and gender neutrality.

For this collection, Breana tapped into the timeless appeal of classic Vans designs while adding a few details that highlight her personality: “I wanted them to be special and personal. I really made them my own by adding designs I made on the back of the shoes and on the insole. I wanted to create beautiful, simple shoes that people would be excited to wear, both on skate and in their everyday lives.”

With port royale uppers and a black sole, laces and side band, Breana Geering’s signature Skate Old Skools offer a refined look with embossed details like faux snakeskin etched on the cuffs, while Breana’s designs on the heel reflect her creative spirit.


Adding to the collection are the Skate Era, a reimagining of the classic Vans model with an added touch of class. The Marshmallow upper is contrasted with black laces and sole, and with the same snakeskin etched on the cuffs of the Skate Old Skools. Special finishes on this exclusive model include brushed gold eyelets and a woven checkerboard applique.

Breana Geering’s signature apparel collection features a similar approach and colorways to the shoe line, and is designed to ensure maximum skate performance.