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Fabian is a style king, period. Smooth and perfectionist at 360°, he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. Everyone knows him for his insane street moves and exclusive spot selection. If you work with him, you know he will keep trying until he nails it like he figured it in his mind. He’s no crazy dude or wild party animal, ’cause he puts all his energy in his riding, and the outcome is quite amazing.

Hi Fabi, briefly introduce yourself

I’m Fabi Fraidl, currently 25 years old. From Austria, and I snowboard.

Where are you and what are you doing right now?

I’m based in Tirol, heart of the alps, near Kaunertal.

Your style and your tricks are way different than the average; I mean seems like you put a lot more effort to make them look perfect. Same for the choice of the spots. Does it come natural or you want to bring something new to the table?

I’d say I am definitely a perfectionist when it comes to trick execution. While filming it happens a lot that I am not satisfied with a trick I just landed, and re-do the same trick over and over until I like it (or don’t feel my legs anymore..haha). Its funny cuz most of the times I feel right away if the trick was good or not, without checking the cam footy. There is a golden rule: “if it felt good the shot is probably good as well”. Of course, there are situations where I have this certain trick in mind and try it for hours, until I eventually land it, freak out or physically can’t try anymore. In that case I just take it how it comes. One-foots and especially no foots are a perfect example for that case.
I like Snowboarding so much because Rules just don’t apply. There is no right way or wrong way, haha I mean there are the forbidden grabs but that’s another topic. Regarding spot choice, I look out for new spots and features to ride wherever I am. It just fascinates me to play with the environment and find ways to ride structures that are not meant to be ridden.

Words by: Sequence Magazine
Photos by: Andreas Monsberger, Rado Kapralcik, Theo Acworth

I’d say I am definitely an perfectionist when it comes to trick execution. While filming it happens a lot that I am not satisfied with a trick I just landed, and re-do the same trick over and over until I like it.

Let’s talk about your love for the streets: even if we see you tear down the Tirol parks on a daily basis, seems like your love for street riding is way deeper. In an era of park rats, too lazy to shovel the spots and ride at night, what makes street riding so special to you?

Ah ah, yes you nailed it. There are a lot of people who want to get street shots but don’t invest the needed effort and time in order to get shit done. There are spots out there that need a ton of work to build up. It is not uncommon that the setup takes the whole day and we have to come back on another day to shoot it. It takes a lot of commitment, time and money that you have to invest in order to get good shots out of it. That’s what separates the sheeps from the goats.
Like you said, street riding is nothing for lazy park rats. it’s very time consuming and does not happen by the way.
Just being out there with my homies like Oskar Fritzsche, Jacco Bos and Christian Kirsch: you also need to have the right people around to get you into the right mindset and hype you up.

Let’s keep talking about parks: you recently started working with Kaunertal as social media manager; could you tell us something more about that?

In course of my Sports-tourism study, I did a stage at the marketing agency Somaland which is in charge of Snowpark Kaunertal marketing. That’s my local park where I learned most my tricks in. they offered me a job afterwards and now I am doing the Social Media for @Snowpark_Kaunertal
 and also involved in some of the events during #SpringClassics2019, so there is a lot to look out for, Nucklebattle, Skolf, Jibsessions. Get up there if you near by!

 There are a lot of people who want to get street shots but don’t invest the needed effort and time in order to get shit done.

Another Fabian passion seems to be filming: you’re highly productive and that’s the second season of your and Rado own project: Spot Hunt. What’s the project is all about exactly


Yeah, I love filming, especially in the streets, it’s like an addiction to get a good shot. So many unexpected things can come up on a street spot from start to finish. It can be a serious challenge to figure out how to approach a certain feature. Sometimes the in run even takes longer to build up than the actual feature itself.
I founded Spot hunt together with my friend and filmer Rado Kapralcik. We produce multiple Episodes throughout the season packed with creative spots and cinematic filming.
the first episode of this season just dropped make sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Why webisodes (which are harder to realize because you need to ride a lot in order to bring always something fresh and hi quality each time) instead of the classic full part?

I feel like with all this Instagram posts and stories nowadays, people get so overwhelmed with content that its impossible to keep track of everything going on in the snowboard world. Webisodes have the potential to brand that name into peoples minds so they can recall what they saw and maybe even have something to look out for. 
Like who wants to wait a whole year for the next videopart of a particular snowboarder comes out.
Nobody exactly.

Do you think full length snowboard movie still make sense nowadays?

If you have already a big name in snowboarding and get a lot of budget to film this one year project, that a tone of people already look out for, then I think it makes a lot of sence to do a full movie for sure!. But for me and other snowboarders on the come up it makes more sense to constantly put out content rather than saving up everything for that one movie. Yeah u may get some fame and glory for the first few days after release, but in long term you are better off with multiple shorter episode throughout the season. It it a lot more work? – YES. But I feel like people can relate more to that, also because the shots happened recently and are not from a season ago. You know what I mean?
in the end you can still make a full length movie out of the webisode shots anyways. Of course nobody gonna pay for that, but who is willing to pay for a snowboardmovie in 2019 anyways?

What about those shiny red boots?

They”re the “Bloodline“ ID Team Boot from Deeluxe which quickly became my favorite boot to ride in. They’re perfect for tweaking out grabs and getting low on rails, but at the same time gives me enough stability for onefoot landings. Btw. It also looks sick AF.

Tell us something about Fabi we sure don’t know.
Until I was like 17, I used to skate way more than I snowboarded.

Which are the pros to ride Bataleon boards featuring the 3BT technology, especially for park and street riding?

its awesome in all snow situations. No matter if its fresh snow or super slushy. The the 3BT handles every snow situation with easz. I ride Bataleon 3BT since 5 years now and I never had a hang-up on a rail before. I even frontboarded a slackline a while ago without manipulating the edges at all.

Why did you chose Fam as a brand partner and what’s your favourite pieces from the collection?
For sure the Fam Transit Pant, it is stretchable and has just the right fit, not to baggy but still kinda’ loose on the knees. I wanted to work with brands that has quality products, that look stylish and classy at the same time.

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