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A complete guide for Summer Boarding

If you can’t stay with your feet unstrapped even in the summer and you haven’t the budget to fly to the other emisphere and enjoy another full winter, you can easily find your cure on one of the many European Glaciers. Everyone should give summer shred a try at least one in a lifetime: riding in t-shirt is a truly amazing experience. Below the complete list of the Top European summer spots:


Summer is the best time for a trip to Stilfser Joch. You can actually shred only in the summer till october here, while it”s closed in winter.
With an altitude going from 2758 m of the pass to the 3450 of Monte Cristallo, 100% natural snow is guaranteed all season long. Moreover the access road is one of the most astonishing panoramic routes, with its 48 hairpin turns. No snowpark here, but still the best options to nail mach 4 turns.

Les 2 Alpes, France

Les Deux Alpes, one of the summer shred European capitals. The french resort is one of the best options if you’re looking for a mountain holiday.
With 3600 m of maximum altitude, here you can shred all days till august 25, from 7 AM to 12.30, so you can either go for an icy first chair ride or slushy runs in the park after 10 AM. The town is really nice and offers tons of activities for the afternoon and evening.
The snowpark is one of the largest summer freestyle playground. Snowpark 2Alpes has features of every size from the beginner to the pro, a half-pipe and big air. Luca Fiorini, one of the riders of our Sequence Movie Zero, shows how to ride the park.. This july 2Alpes will host both the World Rookie Fest and  Ethan Morgan DIYX Camp.

Tignes, France

The beautiful French mountain town of Tignes, offers tons of activities and summer shred is one of them, with 20 km of slopes, a snowpark and a beautiful view from the glacier. You can’t really miss a trip on the gondola where you can walk on the roof and enjoy a unique view of 360° on the whole valley.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

The Swiss resort features an amazing summer playground. Pro Line and half-pipe are daily shaped to perfections and pros from all over the world goes there for some summer off season training.The town alone worths the trip: the Pearl of the Alps is surronded by 18 peaks of 4000 m. You can breath clean mountain air even in town, where all the gasoline vehicles are banned: only electric cars and bikes are allowed here.
Here  a quick clip of Stale Sandbech that gives you a clear picture of what Saas Fee is all about. The summer park opens on july 13th wit special deals and a party in collaboration with the local shop/hostel Popcorn.

Zermatt, Switzerland

The famous Swiss resort features one of the highest summer snowparks. It’s easy to spot one of your favourite pros, coming here for the perfect snow and amazing setup. The glacier is reachable both by the Italian side from Cervinia and by the swiss town of Zermatt and the majestic Matterhorn view makes this spot one of the most charming summer shred resorts. Moreover, Sequence Magazine will be here for the Sequence Gear test 2020, opened to everybody who want to become a real tester.

Hintertux, Austria

Hintertux is theonly Austrian resort opened 365 days a year.; pretty close to Innsbruck, it’s a outdoor enthusiasts paradise. You can easily see here riders from all over the world and it has been named the Capital of the Alps.
About the glacier: 3250 m of altitude, with 60 Kilometers of slopes. The infamous Betterpark surrounded bt Olperer is one of the main summer spots for the Euro scene. The park closes on june 13th, but the slopes are always opened for some turns.

Folgefonna, Norway

Down with Altitude, up with Latitude. The Norwegian resort of Fonna Glacier Ski Resort. is only 1600 m above the sea level but it’s the third biggest glacier in Norway, and one of the most famous summer shred spots for the deep north shred community.  The landscape is really different here compared to the Alps, the longer view and the lower peaks allow you to see further: the legendary Fonna sunset is something you can’t really miss out. Sage Kotsenburg, Halldór Helgason, Sven Thorgren and Ståle Sandbech know real good this amazing place and here’s where they filmed the best shots for their movie project Golden Hour.

Stryn, Norway

Stryn seems to be one of the best places to learn new tricks, or at least it worked that way for local hero Marcus Kleveland who was nailing triple corks here when he was only 13. The snowpark is lost deep in the Norwegian fjords and you can ride from 10 AM to 4 PM in full summer. You can even eexperience endless days here, because sunset is at 11.45 PM.