Nature festival in the heart of the Alps from 4-11th October, 2019

Nature belongs to Innsbruck, it characterises Innsbruck. Surrounded by mountains and situated on the river, nature is forever present here. Does this constant visibility obscure the human eye to nature? In all its splendour, dominance and power, is it considered to be an everlasting given? Is it taken for granted?

Between the 4-11th October, 2019, nature will be the intentional focus of attention in the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck. Here, the Innsbruck Nature Festival will be celebrating nature for an entire week. A week dedicated to the conscious treatment of nature and the environment. A week in which the natural treasures of the region are purposefully afforded for enjoyment, and a week in which the wider world can thus be viewed. The I.N.F. is a festival aimed at promoting the sustainable development of society in the here and now, for the future and with the people.

You are nature! We are nature!
Nature can be experienced, recognised and eaten and it is exactly this, which is ensured by the all-encompassing, extensive programme at the Innsbruck Nature Festival, which invites everyone to take part. Locals meet guests on fascinating excursions, children meet artists at interesting workshops, filmmakers transport viewers to faraway worlds, chefs enchant with regional cuisine and experts advise with astounding details. In representation of this are: I.N.F. FIim I.N.F. Market, I.N.F. Gusto, I.N.F. Senses and I.N.F. Science. The Innsbruck Nature Festival is all about good living, nature and the environment and promises to be a varied, exciting, delicious and emotive experience.