Donna Carpenter visits Blue Tomato

Donna Carpenter visits Blue Tomato

Tuesday, 3rd of September, Donna Carpenter, CEO of Burton and wife of Burton founder Jake Burton-Carpenter, visited the Blue Tomato Office in Schladming, Austria. There was an exchange about sustainability, the beginnings of Burton, common team riders and the many parallels between the two companies.


Burton X Blue Tomato – The beginnings

“Burton started in a basement, Blue Tomato in a garage. “ – Donna Carpenter

The first points of contact between Burton and Blue Tomato happened more than 30 years ago. Blue Tomato founder Gerfried Schuller, former European snowboard champion and Burton team rider, had no one less than Donna Carpenter as team manager. Since the beginnings of Blue Tomato there has been a close cooperation. Many parallels can be drawn in terms of corporate philosophy, strategy and passion for board sports.

“It is important for us to take care about our 3 P’s: Our people, the product and playgrounds. “ – Donna Carpenter


Burton Team Riders & Anna Gasser X-Games Gold

Anna Gasser’s gold medal at the X-Games could not be missed in the interview and the question about the importance of team riders for Burton was answered with a lot of heart and soul.

“Listening to our team riders is the most important lesson that we ever learned. They are the ones using the product and it became a foundation of the company. The team plays a huge part, not just in marketing but also in product development. “- Donna Carpenter

Anna Gasser belongs to both families, Burton and Blue Tomato. “She is an inspiration. Not only athletically but also as an ambassador for Burton”, says Donna – “She is a badass girl. “

“Blue Tomato gives back, just like Burton does. Supporting athletes like Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer, promoting parks and events is helping to keep the sport sustainable for the long term. It is important seeing a company’s values in action.” – Donna Carpenter


Women in the board sports industry

From the beginning it was important for Burton to give women a voice in the very male-dominated action sports sector back then. They were inspired by female skaters and surfers and brought their impressions to the mountain, “women were pioneers of the sport”, said Donna.

As CEO of Burton, she has some advice for women in the industry:

“It is important for women to have a voice in the sport they love and to follow what they love.”

The collaboration between Burton and Blue Tomato will continue to be focused on providing customers with unique experiences and helping them to live their passion.

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