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A cyclical journey along the waterway

By Mattia Fogliani

Mountain Surfers, from the Alps to the sea and back, a cyclical journey along the waterway

Bouncing constantly between sea and mountain, between the summits of the Alps and the peaks of the Mediterranean, the story of these Mountain Surfers flows, a story that is constantly intertwined with the water cycle and flows along its path.

This is how the story of the Alpsea collective was born, to investigate the relationship between outdoor activities and ecology and that, through the beauty and the various aspects of this natural cycle, also discovers some negative sides that appear along this route. From water pollution, which can often seem like a distant problem but that is now present everywhere even at the sources of alpine streams, to the great problem of global warming that often appears with unexpected changes and very strong signals.


An awareness matured between the dust and the waves that leads this group of friends to want to pull the brake, slowing down and rediscovering the many places near home where they can experience adventure and exploration, in a more local and simple way, stopping to look at the beauty of small things. In short, following these mountain surfers we remember that to find happiness, the joy of riding lines in the fresh air or while having fun with good friends, it is not necessary to travel far around the world. Sometimes you just need to step outside to find yourself in an unexpected exploration. A bit like Gerry Lopez suggests with the famous statement “Surf is where you find it”.

It’s all about the approach and following the guys at Alpsea you can therefore discover projects and local adventures dedicated to outdoor disciplines and to a more sustainable attitude, avoiding too much didactic and scientific communication but instead seeking a more creative exploration of these issues, discovering that to live in a simple and local way does not preclude adventure and exploration, but rather can bring it into a more human dimension, abandoning the self-centeredness that often characterizes the environments of the disciplines we love, in favor of greater eco-centrism, of an awareness of being part of the environment that we love so much, not being above it but simply being part of it.


An awareness that Alpsea matures and investigates precisely along the water cycle, through the relationship between sea and mountain, rediscovering a slower, simpler and more local lifestyle, made of small moments, of friendship and respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Many of us can feel part of this tribe by sharing its passions, in a constant balance between the elements, between rainfall and winds, always hunting for the wave, climbing towards the top or rowing towards the peak. Like a splitboard, divided into two parts that together give shape to this simple style of living things, bouncing between sea and mountain, finding their own meaning of snowsurfing and playing in a simple way to draw turns, softly, letting our boards run, from the mountains to the sea and back. And towards the new winter that is about to begin, in which we will soon return to move our steps on the snow, chasing the perturbations in search of the best powder, and perhaps following the example of these strays, you will discover that the adventure is very close to you.


Finding happiness undertaking a more sustainable, slow and natural way.

Yes, just as Gerry reminded us, surfing is where you find it. And these Mountain Surfers prove it: a more sustainable way, besides being possible, is also fun and full of adventure.


“Exploring our valleys or looking at the horizon of salt water, we are always searching for the right balance between water and wind, the place and the moment in which the elements come together in a dance that creates the perfect playground where to run our boards and feel free drawing our fleeting lines.”

– Mattia Foggiani

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