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Anon WaveCel, increased protection and safety

Text Lara Watson

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The latest technology from Burton helmet brand Anon, WaveCel, is about to hit the market. The ground-breaking WaveCel technology lines the inside of your helmet, reducing the likelihood of concussions far better than foam helmets currently available.

The cells in Anon’s WaveCel technology work in a three-step process, flexing to reduce the initial force of a crash, crumpling like a car bumper, and finally redirecting the energy of the crash away from your head.

Skiers and snowboarders would not be sacrificing anything with the new WaveCel helmets. The technology only adds a mere 53 grams of weight to the overall product, whilst having the same durability and lifespan of regular foam helmets.

WaveCel was created by Dr. Michael Bottlang, a leading biomechanical engineer whose inventions have since been adopted by the United States Army. Concerned with the head injuries they saw from outdoor activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, Dr. Bottlang and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steven Madley went on to create WaveCel technology, the first of its kind to receive funding from the US National Institute of Health.

WaveCel technology differs from other helmet technology, such as MIPS. Whilst they both reduce the rotational forces that can cause injuries during a crash, the WaveCel structure are able to change shape in order to reduce the effect of impacts that cause the rotational forces themselves, reducing the risk of crashes causing trauma to the brain.

The life span of helmets may be similar to that of standard foam helmets, but damage to the WaveCel structure may not be visible in the event of a crash, and so the helmet should be replaced following any accident whether damage to the helmet is visible or not.

WaveCel liners conform to the shape of the head and helmets containing WaveCel technology are consistent with standard helmet sizes. Even so, it is strongly recommended that you try on any helmet before purchasing. WaveCel liners can also not be inserted into existing helmets, as they would not provide the same level of protection to the user. WaveCel helmets are also not for use during other outdoor activities, such as skateboarding, as they are only certified for use whilst skiing or snowboarding. Other helmets in the Anon range, such as the Raider 3, Greta 3 and Rime 3 are all suitable for multi-sport use.

The Anon WaveCel helmets will be available from 14th January 2021 in America and Japan, and on 20th January 2021 in Europe. We have tried it and can do nothing but recommend it to you. To see all available models and get more information click here!

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