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Comera Snowboards: handmade, made in Lecco.

Text Tommaso Bernacchi

With Pietro Marzorati & Davide Bernasconi

Tell us a little bit about your story, when did you decide to create your own brand? 

It all began in 2014. Both Davide and I had been snowboarding, but mostly splitboarding, for several years and we were looking for a product that would fully meet our needs, we were looking for the perfect product on the snow and alpine walls. So for fun, thanks to Davide’s resourcefulness and manual skills, our “Roosterfish” was born – board #01 by Comera Snowboards.

Comera (pronounced with the accent on the “o”) Snowboards takes its name from the most direct, steep and aesthetic gully overlooking Mount Resegone, which starts from the cross and goes headlong into the city of Lecco, where our workshop was born.


Giving life to a Snowboard brand must surely be a lot of work. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this choice? 

The great difficulty, but also the greatest satisfaction, was the choice of wanting to make our Comera boards entirely in our workshop. This choice has kept us, and still keeps us, very busy both in the design phase of our products and in the production phase. In this way we are able to control the whole process, act on defects and continue to improve our products. However, we can now admit, without fear of contradiction, that we make products of the highest level. The real difficulty now is to be able to make our products known and give them the right value.


What is the philosophy behind Comera Snowboards? What inspires you? 

The idea behind the development of our products is closely linked to the territory in which we live. We have therefore decided to develop all our boards in order to adapt and be comfortable in all the conditions that can be faced in our beautiful Alps. We treasure all the feedback we receive in order to deepen every technical solution and always guarantee the best performance.

How does a board design come to life in your head? 

Since we are madly in love with snowboarding and splitboarding, we try to put into our products what we would like to have under our feet every time we go out. Starting from our feelings, we develop and test prototypes until we get the desired result. We also rely heavily on our athletes and customers to give us as many opinions and impressions as possible.


What is the added value of your boards? How do they differ from the rest of the market? 

Certainly the possibility of customization is one of our greatest assets. We can in fact realize any kind of graphic idea, both on classic top-sheet and finished in real wood with laser engraved or inlaid graphics.

Another great asset I think is the great experience we have behind us, we ourselves have worn out our knees by dint of pellare. This experience gained in the field has allowed us to develop technically advanced products, products that we test personally.


Do you have new projects in development? 

We are a small start-up company, we create all our boards internally with passion and we experiment with every project that comes to mind. We have several new products in the pipeline. As far as splitboards are concerned, we will soon release a model that is closer to the freestyle world, a more “relaxed” product compared to our flagship Camos. For the solid, we are modifying the press to develop some nice freshwater missiles.


What is your favorite board ever? 

Davide: Definitely the KingWood for its maneuverability in the tree lines and the strong character that it gives off in the carves on the slope.

Pietro: I am bound (and still own) all the boards I have used since my first day of snowboarding. A first place tie for the Voilé Mojo 161 (2009), first splitboard that accompanied me for 5 years, and our Comera Arktika (2015).

“Since we are madly in love with snowboarding and splitboarding, we try to bring back into our products what we would then like to have under our feet every time we go out.”

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