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Hana Beaman, in constant search of powder

By Riccardo Zanirato

With RIDE Snowboards

Hana is constantly on the move during the season. She has a relentless passion for snowboarding and never stops. A couple of things you might not know about Hana: she would like to be a doctor one day, reads Popular Mechanics, loves architecture and has a talent for renovation. The things you might already know about her are her major achievements, including three Winter X-Games Silvers, numerous magazine covers, her own web series “P.S. with Hana Beaman” and important video parts like “Full Moon”.

How is your life going?

I’m doing really well. I’ve been out snowboarding a lot lately. I’ve been travelling a bit between Natural Selection stops and enjoying some snow at the local resorts. Little by little the regions are reopening now that vaccinations have been distributed and things have calmed down, but as a crew we still keep to ourselves a bit and just do fun things away from the crowded resorts. Luckily we live right next to lots of bike paths and beaches so we keep busy.


Ski lifts closed, but an amazing season with snowfall everywhere, how are you making the most of all this snow?

I had a great time in Jackson before and after the Natural Selection event. Lots of really fun snow days with some good friends. At the same time I’m still trying to get in a few days around the house before Mt Baker closes the season. I’ll probably be off on some trips and snowboarding on the volcanoes once “corn season” hits. And luckily where I live we can raid until summer on the Washington Glacier.


How did you start snowboarding? How was the transition when you became a pro? 

I started thanks to my mother who got me involved when I was younger. My parents really loved the outdoors and I was able to follow them most of the time. A lucky girl. I had some good results in a lot of amateur competitions and tried to break into the pro scene for a few years in high school, but didn’t have the success I was hoping for, so I took a break and went to college, but in my first year hanging out with the guys from Grenade I got an invite to Snowboarder Magazines Superpark in Mammoth and that’s where I got discovered and signed a few contracts over the next few months. From there I just kept going and now it’s 20 years… Time flies.

What do you like most about backcountry snowboarding?

I love being in the mountains and away from the crowds with a small group of friends.  Raiding powder is so cool and the whole process of going out and finding new lines and creating something new for the projects is something deeply special.


How do you deal with difficult moments in life and in snowboarding?

First I have to put the whole situation in perspective, especially when I’m irritable or feeling down. I try to focus on the big picture and just be thankful that I am so lucky for the many things in my life. I also like to feel good and do fun things, so I try to stay healthy to live the way I really want to. Physical activity is also essential.

What is your setup like? 

My setup is pretty cool. I’ve been using RIDE Snowboards for 13 years and mostly these days I use the Psychocandy or the Warpig, but if I do some park riding I also use the Zero from this year, which turned out to be super fun! It has more of a classic park shape, twin, so it’s really top notch. I love RIDE boards, they have a good feeling and so many options that they are really good for both park and powder!


The snowboard world is mainly male, why do you think there are less girls? 

I think it’s because boys have always been more encouraged to do a lot of sports! Now that more girls are exposed to physical activity in general, including action sports like skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, they are catching on! Women are capable of doing everything! I think the stigma of women not being fit for sport is disappearing more and more with each new generation. Girls see other girls doing it and they want to try it because they see how much fun we have. More visibility and opportunities for women!


Future projects? 

At the moment I am just enjoying spring and looking forward to summer! Next year I plan to film new projects and be on the Natural Selection tour again. There might be a small video project, but it’s too far away to say for sure…I enjoy life day by day.

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