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Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, snowboarder, recorder and producer!

By Camila Pizzini

With Hugo Dubé-Bouchard

Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, is a passionate Canadian snowboarder, director and film producer!

Tell us about street snowboarding and shooting in Quebec and Canada!

We are super lucky to have a selection of street spots like Montreal and Quebec. A lot of pro riders from all over the world come here, we can see a lot of street spots in Montreal, Chicoutimi, Trois-Rivières in many professional snowboard movies.

The weather is not always good, we are known to have super cold days and often icy conditions. We are lucky that this season we had nice conditions, lots of snow and quite warm temperatures.


Some riders that have inspired you?

A lot of riders inspire me, my friends inspire me every time I ride with them.  If I had to pick one rider that I admire for his style and personality, I would definitely say Dillon Ojo.  I grew up and learned snowboarding at Ski St-Bruno, Dillon’s local resort.  Every night I was in St-Bruno Park with my friends when I was younger and we would watch Dillon tear up the park.  We were always down to try something new after him haha! RIP OJO FOREVER!


How did you get started in photography? 

I started street photography 6 years ago. I was on a chair lift and one of my friends invited me to go street with him. I remember I was so excited to shoot and try this thing, pulled by a winch and do something creative, nice background, camera and photos. It’s super satisfying when you start street snowboarding and do a trick. It was an up ledge in Montreal.

Any good tips for those who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Yes, it’s a very long process for shoot street, you have to be patient, persistent, passionate, lots of sacrifices and never give up! Find a crew to help you achieve your goal and have good vibes, real friends to help you shovel, to cheer you on in difficult moments, a filmer, photographer, material, shovels. But at the end of the day, when you succeed in your trick, you have your film or your photos, it’s the most satisfying feeling you’ll ever have.


The best spot you’ve ever done?

I think the best spot I’ve done was a rusty structure in Montreal this season. We had one of the most beautiful photos. I can’t wait to show you the masterpiece captured by my good friend Jaysson Gallant.

Favourite Trick?

Rail : B/s 180, switch f/s 360 out or cab 1 nosepress

Jump : a steezy nosegrab b/s 180 or a hardway f/s 360 melon


What’s the set up to rock every spot?

Board: Rome Gangplank

Bindings: Rome Katana

Boots: Vans Hi-standard Pro


Next trick on your bucket list?

Backside 3 in, frontside 1 out!


Street spot or powder day?

Even though I am a street snowboarder, I would definitely say a powder day with all my heart.


What about the future?

Snowboarding, filming for street projects, taking pictures for magazines, trying to do a new trick every day and enjoying every moment on my board and with my friends!!!

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