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Interview with Eiki Helgason

By Tommaso Bernacchi

We interview Eiki Helgason, he is an Icelandic snowboarder and sponsored by Monster EnergySwitchback Bindings, Deeluxe BootsLobster Snowboards and Horsefeathers

How has it been growing up in Iceland? Many people think that there are not many mountains, what is your relationship with the Icelandic environment?

Iceland has a lot of mountains actually and 13 ski resorts, the biggest resort is in our home town Akureyri called Hlidarfjall.

Iceland had really dramatic landscapes all over and traveling around the island is so sick.


What’s your setup and your quiver? Any new gear that has left you surprised in the last year?

I am rocking all my signature model stuff!

That is:

Lobster Snowboard 148

Horsefeahters Outerwear

Switchback Bindings

Deeluxe Boots

Melon goggles

7/9/13 Belts


Did you ever have a moment in your life when you had to choose between skateboarding or snowing? Which one do you prefer?

I started skateboarding before and since we didn’t have any indoor parks here I naturally started snowboarding in the winter but I was always more focused on skateboarding, the first 3 movies we did were skateboarding movies! but then I got my first snowboard sponsor and then it just kinda started rolling in that direction, I think skateboarding will always be my true passion but I do love both sports equally

What’s your favorite trick you’ve ever done?

That’s a hard one to answer hehe, but it was such a sick feeling when I landed the first Double bs rodeo I did in my “No Correct Way” part, It was the first one ever landed in pow so I’m pretty hyped on that one


You and your brother are involved in many things, companies, movies and more, how do you manage everything?

Everything we do works well together so Even though we are doing lots of different stuff then it’s always Snowboarding and skateboarding that links everything together so we are just having fun and the rest just follows haha


When did you design your pro-model what features were you looking for? 

I have pro models from all my sponsors: Lobster, Horsefeathers, Deeluxe, Melon, Switchback & 7/9/13 and the way I do it is as soon as I get some inspiration from somewhere, for example, I see something that I like or find something that looks nice I show it to all the brands and tell them how I want it to look and they all have their version of it so they all link together that way with the same theme.


Any reviews on the new board collection?

My next year’s stuff has the theme “Crackled Ink” and everything should be out in the fall!

What are you going to do? Do you have any kind of movie-making or future business projects in mind? 

I was filming for the new Scandalnavians movie this season but it was such a weird season due to the Covid-19 crap so it wasn’t possible to go on any trips as a crew after January so it was mostly me and Halldor filming stuff here in Iceland and we are still filming stuff because this season has sooo much snow so I think if we want we can be filming all summer hehe


How is going on with your indoor skatepark?

I started this Skatepark project early last winter when I found a place that was available to rent here in town so I just grabbed the chance and started since out town didn’t really have much interest in making it happen so I just decided to do it on my own, but as soon as it was ready to open that damn Covid-19 Crap fucked it up so I wasn’t allowed to open it for the public, so it’s just been a private park for me and my friends all winter haha, but it looks like I’m allowed to open in now 25th May!!! so stay up to date on my skateparks Instagram account @braggaparkid.


Does snowskate help to invent new tricks or discover something new? 

Snowskating is so much fun! I just started going all in last year and I found out that it’s so sick that as soon as it snows 5 cm or more the whole town turns into a skatepark! every spot that has either grass or gravel in the inrun or landing that we have dreamed of doing on a skateboard is now perfect snowskate spots!


Tell us about SSS project, how did it start? Did you like it? Did you find any difficulty?

i just decided to make a project on my own and put a pressure on myself to make 3 full parts on all my favorite board sports, the snowskate part was the one I was most worried about because I had never done anything serious on a snowskate before haha, but I think that ended up being the best part of the project so I’m hyped,

The plan was to just go out with my friends and film each other just playing around like we used to do back in the days when we started doing this, funny thing is that it was mostly filmed on 1 GoPro and our iPhones

I’m really hyped on how it turned out and my friend Shawn Rei did an amazing job editing it!

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