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Intervista con Zak Hale

By Camilla Pizzini

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There are some riders who, despite some negative turns in their career, have been able to get up and do even better. One of them is Zak Hale, protagonist of the last X Games Real Snow. Here is an interview with him!

Who are your snowboard buddies, who do you like to hang-snowboard with?

I don’t get to ride with sage Kotsenburg very often but when we do it’s all time. We are both busy during the winter filming so it’s dope when we finally get to meet up.


Your favorite snowboarder right now?

I really enjoy watching all the dustbox kids ride they are all so hyped on snowboarding it’s really refreshing to see.


About your video at Xgames Real Snow? How did you choose the spots?

This year was really tough with snow so we honestly just went where the snow was. We made it work and walked away with second! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I told myself going into it I would give it my all and leave nothing on the table. I accomplished that so I’m happy.


What’s your setup and your quiver? Any new gear that has left you surprised in the last year?

I’ve been riding the Salomon Huckknife. I ride it for everything super fun board. I also use Salomon boots and bindings.

What’s your favorite trick you’ve ever done? And your favorite street spot?

Favorite trick I think it was a gap back 270 at this famous Utah spot. It was in one of the Burton videos but it was hands down the most scared I have ever been hitting something.


Do you have any kind of project in your mind?

Right now I’m still in the works of trying to plan something out for this winter.


In the future would you like to dedicate more to movie or what else?

I think social media is super important nowadays. It would be cool to figure out a cool way to film something and just put it out immediately.


Street snow is what you like and part of your life. What brings you to keep doing this?

It’s honestly the freedom of it. I can do what I want and go where I want. I can film what ever I want. It’s all up to me and that’s why I love it.

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