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#LOFOTONICOTOUR – Freeride mission alle isole Lofoten

Text Federico Romanello 

Photos Federico RomanelloFederico Tognoli & Michele Guarneri

Sea and extreme mountains with breathtaking views

The Lofoten Islands were very high on my bucket list of places to visit for a splitboard mission. Maybe I hadn’t set foot in the polar circle yet, maybe the photos and videos that circulate in those mountains that come directly from the sea have always fascinated me, and there is also the possibility to ride… The fact is that this year I wanted to go to Georgia for the annual pilgrimage in search of powder. But when my powder partners from Brescia launched the proposal to go to Lofoten I could not say no! Among other things, the complete proposal was to go there by land, in a van. More than 3000km and three days one way trip to spend ten there and then back in another 3 days. One of the best plans I have ever heard.

The travel companions: Fede Tognoli, with whom I share a long list of powder days and freezing nights in the van. Gerro DJ , aka Alberto Drera, avid splitboarder and first promoter of the initiative. The skialper Michele Guarneri, tireless in beating the track, and Elli Foglio, who still wonders how he was able to stand 4 men who stink and blaspheme for all those days. And as a means of transport the Frisco Van, without which this trip would not have been possible.

Sometimes when expectations are high there is the risk of being disappointed, but the Lofoten not only confirmed everything about their fame, but they have perhaps turned out to be the best powder trip ever. With perfect conditions, with a big snowfall the day after our arrival and sunshine for the rest of the trip, finding virgin powder snow was not difficult. The peaks are not high, three peaks of 700 and 1000 meters, and the approaches and walk outs are often short, but the lines are steep and fun. And the views that you can admire once you get to the top are really crazy. As if that wasn’t enough, we were also lucky enough to find a day of perfect waves in Unstad, a small beach equipped for surf and wetsuit rental. Riding under a snowfall surrounded by steep mountains is really priceless.

And then the return. Arrived in Stockholm after a day and a half of travel our phones begin to be bombarded with messages about the closure of Lombardy for Covid. To get back in time, without knowing what would have happened once in Italy, we drove uninterruptedly for 36 hours, changing the driver and sleeping in the back seats of the Frisco Van. With only one regret: we should have stayed longer!

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