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Prosper Visionz, interview with Ernesto Garcia Delgadillo

By Denis Piccolo

Prosper Visionz was born in 2014 from an idea I had, the initial aim was to photographically document the world that marked my childhood, mainly the punk and skate scene.

What is Prosper Visionz?

Now it’s a collective made up of several elements, photography has remained the backbone of the project but over the years there have been people from similar contexts who have contributed to enrich the project.


Milano Centrale has always been a hub for the skateboarding  scene, what does it represent for you?

For us Milano Centrale is almost like home, we started skating there in 2004. Between breaks from skateboarding, work and life, we have always remained tied up to the spot and to the people that animate it.


In your opinion, how has the skating scene changed in the last 10 years?

Compared to years ago, skateboarding has certainly become available to everyone. When we started skating, it was not as accessible as it is now, like all subcultures, coming in contact with it and becoming part of it was more difficult, there was not all this media attention, social networks certainly contributed to make it more accessible to people, with all its pros and cons.

Who are the members of this collective?

Rodrigo Garcia Delgadillo, Roberto Beretta Delgadillo, Enrico Cerovac, Federico Casella, Stefano Campioni, Paolo Bazzana and I.


Introduce every of them briefly.

Rodrigo, Roberto and I created Prosper as a collective and we follow the photographic and illustrative part, through skating we met Federico and Enrico many years before Prosper was born, they joined the collective as photographers in 2017 when we had “Workers”, a collective exhibition in Santeria in Milan, Paolo printed our first fanzine called “Hawks” in 2016 in addition to most of the works that each of us later published individually, Stefano is a childhood friend and comes from the punk world, together we worked on “Ororo” and “Sessions”, two mixtapes respectively from 2015 and 2016. At the moment we are working on a third mixtape that should come out later this year.


Compared to other cultures, skating always brought a lot of creativity. Why?

I think it may depend on the fact that it is an open and rich context of influences, just think of how many things come to mind when naming the word skating: art in general but more specifically design, music, photography, videography.

You’re very active with videos, exhibitions and independent publications. Tell me about the project that best represents you.

I think that our last collective exhibition during the 2019 SSFF is the project that has allowed us to give a solid vision of the collective and it is the thing we are most tied to.


You also realize a fanzine. Nowadays everything is going digital, so why this choice?

Coming from the hardcore punk world, we were used to have fanzines and paper stuff in our hands, so when we realized we had a good amount of photo material, it was natural for us to think of realizing our own zine where show what our world is made up of .


What will you do tomorrow?

We are working on a new fanzine, the last one dates back to 2016 and at the time the photo contents were mainly mine, in these 3 years both Rodrigo and Roberto approached photography and obviously the contribution of Enrico and Federico in this sense was invaluable . Over time we had other people that have allowed the “vision” to expand, each person depicts an important piece and together you can think of building something solid, only time will tell.

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