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Sequence Magazine 65

The Sequence crew is proud to present the new issue of Sequence, the only snowboard magazine distributed in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Norway. No other snowboard magazine to date has crossed so many borders. You can request your copy from your local shop or order it from our store. Follow us on our social channels and pick up your copy at events where we will be present!


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Snowboarding is not a crime

Back in the 90s I was a young skater who proudly displayed the sticker ‘skateboard is not a crime’ under his board. Often, because of the slides on the benches, the word ‘not’ was crossed out and it read ‘skateboard is a crime’, which my father, a police officer, was not very proud of.

A little later the first snowboards started to appear. A few evenings as a waiter in the local bar and there I was with my savings buying my first equipment, a Nidecker Camille Brichet twin tip board, Drake bindings and Airwalk boots.

In those years there was a strong sense of community, few but united, all together we claimed the right to access the lifts, but nothing. The resorts didn’t want to give us ski passes, they said we were ruining the slopes.

I was just a kid, studying photography. I hated it, but at the same time I loved that moment when they denied me the possibility of buying a ski pass, because I felt I wasn’t part of a system, I felt like a transgressor walking up the slopes. And I liked it.

Years went by, I started taking pictures of snowboards for some magazines, and even though year after year the ski resorts started to give us ski passes, we were always labelled as “offenders” because we went off-piste, we built jumps in the slopes by hand, we went up the rails with our boards. We were often asked for our documents by the police or our boards were confiscated at the end of the day.

Then all of a sudden, alienated and dissatisfied men, bored with their office jobs and the walls of their homes, began to be attracted to the strange phenomenon of snowboarding, this lifestyle, this transgression. Skiing had become terribly boring.

Week after week you see more and more snowboarders in the resorts, more and more jumps, parks, events and parties where you don’t go home with a girl if you come dressed as a skier.

The attraction to transgression, even if only for a few hours, was too strong. Lawyers disguised themselves with improbable bright colours and went crazy at the parties, entrepreneurs, workers, students, nobody was missing. There was no distinction, they raided by day and partied by night. And then, on Monday, we would tie our ties and go back to the grey lives and the system that had been imposed on us.

The Olympics arrived and Terje Haakonsen, the most influential rider in history, immediately turned against them, saying in an interview: “I hate the Olympics. They are stealing snowboarding from us. They will destroy our sport.

Here comes 2020. The Covid19. The lockdown. The closure of the lifts. You can’t stray far from home beyond your municipality.

But for some people snow is more important than the air they breathe, so the only illegal solution is to take skins and splits, walk for hours, savour the taste of toil and sweat and earn every single centimetre of powder, immaculate, perfect.

So you load your board into the car, well hidden by blankets, illegally cross the border, park in a secluded place and walk to the top. Sweat, toil, perseverance. Finally you reach the top. “Violator’ is the adjective that rumbles through your head before you drop. A flashback to the 90s, when you were a “transgressor” just for being a snowboarder. Again, for love, you transgress, you become part of a community again. And only those who are part of it can recognise the smile on your face when you come back from the mountain.


Snowboard is not a crime (anymore).

What will you find in Sequence Magazine 65?

Northwave 30 Years Anniversary
Three decades of constant innovation and unconventional mentality that led to conceive and then revolutionize the modern concept of snowboard boots. Northwave turns 30 and shows no signs of stopping. But what else could we expect? Everything but ordinary.


Burton One World
After an eight year silence, Burton comes back with a new team video. Jake Burton wanted it so bad and asked Zack Nigro to “make it short and make it loud”. It is the story of a shared passion that brings people together.


Fjörd Lines
Steep mountains overlooking the sea of icy western fjords, but also quieter peaks within everyone’s reach. The Austurland region in Iceland has countless characteristics and diversity for all snowboard enthusiasts.


Seeing Beyond
In this difficult time we are experiencing, it seems that our relationship with the mountains must be set apart. But in reality it can also be an opportunity to go beyond what for years has been the “standard” of living the mountains.


Home of Lässig
If taking your first turns early in the morning gliding over virgin snow is what you like, Skicircus may be the place to be for your next snowboarding trip looking. Adrenalinic descents, unbeaten tracks and cool backcountry spots accessible with a hike.


Antti Autti
From half pipe wonderboy to freeride adventurer and talented storyteller through his three movies. Antti Autti told us about the new normal, life, projects and his deep bond with Mother Nature and Nordic territories.

Vikings are back! Here’s the second chapter of their homonymous video project, arguably one of the best snowboard movie out of this strange winter. A brave two year project involving la crème of one of the best breeding ground for riders, Scandinavia.


A Guide to Mellow Livin’
A journey to discover the most authentic Japan and to explore snowboarding in all its aspects. One mission. Keeping things mellow and let the road guide us, without chasing the stoke but trying to find it by happenstance.


Heroes are the most necessary thing for younger riders when they grow up, without female heroes, no girl can picture herself being a snowboarder. Heroes, the last project by Jerome Tanon, is adding a little brick to the wall in order to change the world.


The Future is Looking Dry
The melting of the glaciers shows no sign of stopping. We are not facing a promising scenario and global warming seems unstoppable, the only real hope is to change our habits to reverse the trend. Will we be able to do that?


3 Hounds in the Dolomites
Three snowboarders, but first of all three friends with different characteristics and styles. Today they are among the major landmarks of the Italian scene, we often see them locked inside a park flying over frozen landings.


Sebbe de Buck
A 1.95m kid from Belgium becomes one of the most renowned snowboard superstar. There’s no terrain where Sebbe riding doesn’t stands out: rails, kickers and backcountry. We warn you, Sebbe is here to stay.


Siberian Powder
A harsh and remote territory with extreme temperatures. But also an invaluable resource of dry and powdery winter days. The desire to experience an adventure off the beaten tracks and meet winter sports enthusiasts with whom to share stories.


Midwest rope boy turned into one of the most amazing and long standing street rider out there is a quite fitting definition for Dan Liedahl aka Danimals. Quiet and very humble in the approach, wild and explosive on the board, Clark Kent in daily life, Superman when strapped in.


Rain Dogs
The Korua crew is ready to explore a completely wild nature. A spectacular journey to discover new unbeaten tracks, evenings spent sipping excellent beers and hiking in national parks admiring the majesty of Oregon.


Vans is Evergreen
Every time Vans drop a snowboard movie there’s a lot of talking. Evergreen is the result of learned experiences and growing as a family, through doing different projects over the years. The story of a team of true friends seen through the eyes of Tanner Pendleton.

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