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Sequence Snowboard Guide 2020/21

The Sequence crew is proud to present the Sequence Snowboard Guide 2020/21, the only buyers guide distributed in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland and Norway. No other snowboard magazine to date has crossed borders so much.


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Here we are again, at the beginning of a new winter season, indeed, I would say a “beautiful” winter season, since the mountains are almost all covered with snow and resorts are ready to open. But it’s a really weird year at the same time.

The Covid19 situation, which initially had a marginal impact on our sport, is hanging like a threat over our heads. Do you want to know what we think about it? We believe that it will be a fantastic winter season, and this moment of deprivation will give us the opportunity to enjoy every moment we will spend on the snow.

Because we will spend time on the snow, that’s for sure. And we will go there with a whole new spirit and with a passion that will burn more than ever. By now all the indicators and insiders confirm the positive trend of snowboarding, which after a negative period of time, has recovered well with a new awareness and in a more mature form. Snowboarding is no longer a passing trend or a rebellion against skiing, but a real sport that welcomes riders of all ages and all levels into its arms. There are no more infighting like freestyle vs alpine, baggy vs skinny: we have become one big family with members of all ages and all tastes! And all this is beautiful because it has restarted the flywheel of business and creativity, with many new artisan brands, new technologies, a new generation of riders who no longer see the pros as rock stars to idolize, but models to follow that are absolutely reachable. We can’t wait for the resorts to open to put our new board under our feet, tackle the first turns and dive into the powder.


Let’s make snowboarding great again!

Inside you will find about 1000 products tested and reviewed by our riders during the Sequence Week in Breuil Cervinia, the 1st Try Shop in Austria, the Rock On Snow Pro in France and the Back to the Roots in Italy.

Inside you will find the best snowboard brands distributed all over Europe: 32, Arva, Amplid, Anon, Arbor, Auclair, Bataleon, Borealis, Burton, Canary Cartel, Capita, Custom Made, Death Label, DC, Deeluxe, Dragon, Drake, Flow, Funky, Gara, Giro, Gnu, Horsefeathers, Jones, K2, Korua, L1, Lib Tech, Mammut, Never Summer, Nidecker, Nitro, Northwave, Now, Oakley, Ortovox, Picture Organic Clothing, Quiksilver, Ride, Rip Curl, Rome, Roxy, Spy+, Sandy Shapes, Santa Cruz, Signal, Slash, SP, Stranda, Union, Vans, West and Yes.


In addition, new for this year is the Resort Guide, with advices on the best resorts where to go riding this winter.


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