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Splitboard mission on the Apuan Alps: where to go?

In a year when traveling is complicated to say the least, the lifts are closed and often you can’t even leave your town, we managed to make a dream come true: splitboarding on Monte Sagro, the mountain above Carrara, in Tuscany.

After the big snowfalls at the beginning of the year, we managed not to miss the perfect conditions: lots of good quality powder, as it hasn’t happened for years on the Apuan Alps, sun, and a crazy view of the sea and the Gulf of Poets. An epic day that we won’t easily forget!

The Sagro trip doesn’t present any particular difficulty, except one: be ready to go as soon as conditions are good. The proximity to the sea, the low altitude, and the exposure to the West with no other mountains in front of us make the powder a rather rare and volatile event. The same characteristics, however, make the descent unforgettable.

To reach it just go to Campocecina starting from Carrara or Fosdinovo, park in the panoramic square of Uccelliera, and follow the only road that goes straight to the mountain. After 30 minutes of walking, when you arrive at the bottom of the road and at the foot of the mountain, you just have to climb a small bump, go down to the quarry below, go along it going right and then go up along the ridge. There are some variations in the possible route of ascent but all of them are obvious. Depending on the snow conditions, you can reach the summit on skis, or possibly cover the last stretch with crampons. While for the descent you can either start from the summit or stop before, as we did because the snow conditions are not very safe. The descent lines are also evident, and they all converge at the base of the marble quarry. In case of fog it is not recommended to venture out because of the risk of encountering one of the rock jumps caused by the quarries.

The 500 meters of difference in height may not seem like much, but the view sweeps along the coast from Livorno to La Spezia, and is worth the effort alone to reach the top. If you find the right conditions and the snow is powdery, the descent becomes really crazy and unique. How many other places in the world can you ski down less than 10km from the sea?

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