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Ståle Sandbech and the new Rome boards

By Tommaso Bernacchi

“The idea was to create cool snowboards inspired by the kind of riding and design I like. The line has three boards and I wanted them all to be usable in different conditions and by people with different riding styles.”

We are used to have a pro model in a brand’s snowboards line, but a whole collection, that’s something special! What was the main idea behind this project? 

Yeah, it is pretty rad to have been given this opportunity! The main idea was to make some rad snowboards inspired by the riding and design I like I guess.


What were you looking for when defining the shapes? 

Since I was able to create a collection of 3 boards I wanted 3 boards I can use in different conditions and style of riding, but also make them work in all sorts of terrain and snow.


The “Stale Mod” is your weapon for contest days. What’s the key behind it? What’s the best feature in it that gives you the confidence to go bigger and raise the bar? 

It is a super powerful board that I can trust in high speed and on big jumps and heavy landings.

How difficult and how fun it was to develop these products?

It went pretty smooth actually. We have a great team at Rome who helped out creating the shape and specs and when we looked in the Never Grow Up theme on the graphics, it came together perfectly.


I see a common line in the graphics of the three boards, what was your inspiration when designing those?

I guess I answered that above. But when we came up with the Never Grow Up theme it tied all the boards and the graphics together at the same time, as it is a bit of what snowboarding means to us. Where we can forget about the daily struggles and just let go of everything and just be a kid again.

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