The Bomb Hole Episode 14 with Mike Rav

The Bomb Hole Episode 14 with Mike Rav

Modern day guru Mike Rav is a true artist and one of the most creative minds in snowboarding. Innovation flows through his blood and whether its snowboarding, skateboarding, making music or art where someone see’s no potential Mike see’s an empty canvas waiting for him to leave his mark.

He constantly blurs the lines of sports and art with his unique way of snowboarding and skateboarding always leaving the viewer inspired. His relaxed fluid approach transcends life into everything he touches making him one of snowboardings most inventive riders. Many try to emulate his style but at the end of the day there is only one Mike Rav. Mike has spent the last couple months of quarantine looking inward and is ready to share his thought’s with the Bomb Hole. Stay tuned to the end for a special free style jam session with Mike and E-Stone.

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