The Mons Røisland Interview with Now Bindings

The Mons Røisland Interview with Now Bindings

Mons Røisland, is a Norwegian rider on the Now team that has been crushing contests with huge tricks stitched into insane slope style runs earning him top podium spots. Here’s some questions about his shredding life!

Who are you? Where did you grow up?

My name is Mons Røisland and i grew up 15 minutes outside of Oslo, in a place called Hovik.


When and where did you strap in for the first time? Did you skate before learning to snowboard?

I strapped into a snowboard for the first time when I was 8 years old and I was in whistler with my family. I remember I bought this used black burton board full of stickers and I was in heaven. It was way too big for me at the time, but it didn’t matter. I did skate a bit before I started snowboarding for sure, but it was snowboarding that really got me hooked.


What brought you to start competing and motivates you so compete at such a high level now?

I actually joined my first competition in whistler back when i was 8, and I had just started riding, so of course i did terribly but i loved it. I’ve always been a very competitive person, maybe it’s because of me growing up with two older siblings close to my age, always wanting to do what they did you know.

Since then it’s been a long road to the big competitions, but it’s always been a goal for me as a kid to get to that level of snowboarding, and I think that comes from a long line of legendary idols from Norway. I always looked up to Ståle Sandbech, Mikkel Bang and Alek Østereng because they all came from places close to where I lived and they were all such sick dudes to watch. Now competing is so sick to me, and what motivates me to keep doing it must be just pushing my own snowboard boundaries, and trying to perfect it.

Boundaries can be pushed in so many different ways in snowboarding, but right now competing is what intrigues me the most. But a big motivation while competing is to simultaneously film on the side. Whether it’s park, street or pow, it boosts your joy for snowboarding and keeps you focused on style and how things look. eventually after i’m done competing, moving completely into the filming world, would be the dream


You really push rotations in tricks and taking spins to a new level, but with a really smooth style; How important is style to you and what do you want to create that’s unique to you?

Well, thank you! I think it’s always been important to me to try and keep things clean because the guys I watched growing up had killer style. That made me want to implement some of that to my own riding. What I think is the sickest aspect of style is that people can get just as hyped if they see a perfect switch back five (Torgeir Bergrem) as if someone does a textbook backside 14. So for that reason, I think it’s important to try and mix those factors to the extent you can when riding contests – making big spins look good too.


Can you tell us how you like the Pilot and what do they feel like?

The Pilot is the best binding i’ve had strapped to my foot. It just makes me feel more connected to my board then ever before, and the board responds just how I want it to.


Where do you think the future of snowboarding is going? Do you think there’s a limit to what spins and flips can go until it becomes weird?

Very hard to say where the future of snowboarding is going. I feel like as long as snowboarding has riders like Mark McMorris, Red Girard or Sage Kotsenberg in the contest scene that all have been so successful in keeping the true snowboard vibe alive with filming crazy good parts while competing on the highest level with style, we can all feel a little better about where snowboarding is headed.


Finally what do you hope to accomplish with you career as a snowboarder, what are your dreams?

I have a lot of goals within contests and what I want to do and achieve, but in the end, I want to try my very best to contribute to snowboarding the way I feel the guys mentioned above currently are. So i just want to continue pushing the contest scene and do my very best to film as much as i can, and have fun with it all!