Vans pays tribute to skater Jeff Grosso

Vans pays tribute to skater Jeff Grosso

A project in memory of Jeff and all he did to promote skateboarding and his community!

To pay tribute to skateboarding legend and beloved Vans family member Jeff Grosso, in conjunction with what would have been his birthday, Vans is proud to announce a new episode of Love Letters To Skateboarding dedicated exclusively to Jeff, accompanied by the launch of the Grosso Forever collection.

With this special episode of Love Letters to Skateboarding, Vans wants to celebrate Jeff’s life through his own words and was created by co-authors Buddy Nichols and Rick Charnoski (Six Stair Productions). Produced using a series of footage shot over a decade, the episode showcases Jeff’s lifelong approach to skateboarding: raw, authentic and often stubborn.

To pay homage to Jeff’s legacy, the Grosso Forever collection puts the Skate Sk8-Hi in the spotlight, with revised colorways celebrating some important moments of his career. In addition to this shoe model, the collection includes a special edition Grosso Forever clothing line featuring graphics by two of Jeff’s longtime friends: Bryce Kanights and John Lucero. Royalties will be donated entirely to Jeff’s son Oliver and his family.

Jeff’s genuine love for skateboarding shone through in everything he said and did, and his support of the community, particularly the younger generation, came from the belief that skateboarding belonged to the kids. In the 1980s, he gained notoriety within the competitive scene and quickly became one of the most recognizable faces in skateboarding through a series of skate videos that highlighted his skills in addition to his sarcastic and bold wit. Jeff was known to entertain the masses with his self-deprecating humor and antagonistic spirit. Given his influence on the sport, Jeff became the “unofficial historian” of skateboarding, contributing his unique and biting comments to ten years of videos in Vans’ Love Letters to Skateboarding series. These episodes will continue to serve as a sort of skateboarding encyclopedia and will remain in time as an indelible testament to the impact Jeff had on the sport despite his untimely passing in March 2020.