Vans Skateboarding presents: Cher Strauberry

Vans Skateboarding presents: Cher Strauberry

The short film explores Cher’s journey to unify the queer community of skaters.

Vans Skateboarding is proud to present a new short film about skateboarder, musician and artist Cher Strauberry, chronicling her journey within the queer skate community.

Cher’s role in Unity Skateboarding and her contribution to the founding of the Glue Skateboards brand have helped to grow inclusivity in this industry. In this film, Cher takes us back to her early days, shedding light on the experiences that made her an influential profile in the queer skate community.

After taking an 11-year hiatus from skateboarding and focusing on her music, Cher decided to put touring with her band on hold and return to her Bay Area home for a while, where she connected with Jeff Cheung, founder of Unity Skateboarding.

Together, the two decided to create a stronger cohesion among queer skateboarders in the area, resulting in the first “queer skate day,” which drew a lot of queer and trans people to the Bay Area. “We took spaces and just created a place for ourselves,” said Cher.

The impact of the initiative on the entire skate community was immense and had a strong reverberation among younger and older generations of skaters. It has also made many people feel represented within the skate scene for the first time.

“Now that we’ve broken down a wall in the skate scene, a lot of trans people will be able to skate and feel more confident, calmer and more empowered than we could have,” said Cher.